The Old Anglo Catholic Church
The Old Anglo Catholic Church

The Old Anglo Catholic Church
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The Old Anglo Catholic Church. We are IAL
Welcome We Are The Old Anglo Catholic Church (OACC). The Latin-American Anglican Church - Church of Jesus Christ. Our Religious organization was born in Mosquera city, Cundinamarca, Republic of Colombia (South America) on December 17, 1985 - Year of The Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not immigrants people. Our ancestors were born on the America Continent. We carry blood and Aboriginal native of America. They are immigrants. They arrived on the America Continent as invaders and thieves. The only positive thing that brought their swords death was the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have suffered persecution and discrimination for men and women of the white race, even within the same Traditionalist Anglican denomination. The men and women white race in the United States and Canada, never lend us their temples and never invite us to their meetings or religious ceremonies but do not need them if it is positive that Christians have exalted. Our religious organization has never discriminated or persecuted men and women white race. We've always invited to participate in our talent and our limited resources. However, we believe that we are in good time to stop meeting with men and women white race who are only businessmen of faith and simply those introduced untruth in the Church of Jesus Christ. We just want to get together and join men and women of our race, the African race and other races of the world that never discriminate, to teach men and women of the white race that all are equal before God, we are all of the nature created, but each race is unique and different. Each member of the human race is different and unique. Some men and women of hispanic race, African or yellow race, kneel before the white men, they betray us every day and even those who have received unconditional support from us in the past. Thanks to our effort they have survived as them church. They also get them the same persecution of businessmen. These treacherous have been next to the selfish bad sons and daughters of God (men and women). Now we differentiate men who claim to be religious and appear in Christian organizations. Some are men and women of faith and others are business women and business men who use faith of believers to pretend to be true Christians and are just scammers faith. They are demons who serve Satan. We want to integrate only with men and women of faith. We now want to invite people (men and women) business are as leaders of the Church of Christ, to abandon their arrogance and pride, bowing his face and life under the shadow and law of the true God and Mighty of hosts who is the God and Father of Jesus of Nazareth.

THE OLD ANGLO CATHOLIC CHURCH: We are a non-profit organization that, with the help of our members, is trying to bring people together in Los Angeles. We support cultural, educational and social community activities and any type of community-building initiative. We are The Latin-American Anglican Church.
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